Visual Creation
Visual Creation
Visualizing values and building connections



The Challenge.

Baimei is a skincare brand focused on introducing its audience to traditional Eastern beauty principles. As an Amazon retailer, Baimei started its marketing journey with virtually no visual assets to back its offering up. The client acknowledged the need for a strong aesthetic foundation that would effectively convey its mission and vision through a modern and timeless approach.


Somos came into play by creating an elegant dimension consisting of a minimalistic graphic system and a restricted color palette.

What we did.

  • Market and Audience Research
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Visual Identity Rebrand and Guidelines

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The Results.

To maintain an understated feeling of gentleness, we came up with a one-line, black and white graphic theme that would find its application all throughout Baimei’s branding, including packaging. This understated choice supported Baimei’s flagship offering, consisting of colorful jade rollers and gua-sha stones. To further cement the link between the visual identity and Baimei’s products, all color accents also drew inspiration from the jade stone’s natural appearance. Ultimately, we aimed to create a visual identity inspired by beauty in its purest form.

Our Recipe for success




Jade rollers and gua-sha stones are said to have been a part of beauty routines among Chinese elites since the early 17th century. Data showed an increase of interest in traditional Chinese medicine in the Western market in recent years, so we thought of ways to refresh this concept and make it palatable to modern audiences. We created a visual system that would appeal to skincare lovers while turning Baimei’s offering into perfect gift ideas as well.

Drawing Parallels

Baimei’s story begins with a single piece of jade. To shine a full light on this stone’s properties we took inspiration from its texture and morphed it into a fluid one-stroke graphical system serving as the main brand asset.



Logo and Meaning

Baimei’s logo perpetuates the elegant feel we wanted to go for by making use of a serifed font. The symbol consists of two intertwining gua-sha stone silhouettes, manifesting the brand’s will to promote their beneficial effects to customers. The logo is topped off by a “skincare beauty” tagline that defines Baimei’s presence in the market in a precise way.


Baimei’s color story is simple and directly inspired by the material of its core product: the jade stone. For this reason, the brand’s main colors are bright pink, and a vivid shade of green. They are of equal relevancy and balance each other out synergically.



Application and Execution

The one-line system allowed us to experiment with morphing silhouettes, each one dedicated to a specific product or concept relating to the brand. Due to its illustrative nature, this system is especially effective in packaging applications, turning simple boxes into artistic bundles that one would want to own or gift to a loved one.

Key Takeaways

In the saturated skincare industry, we wanted to stand out by creating a striking visual identity to truly support the brand’s ideals of beauty, elegance, and self-care. To really celebrate the brand’s mission and product offering, we adopted a system that embellished the brand and positioned it in the market as a professional and refined voice in its operating field.

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