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The Challenge.

Amazfit tasked Somos with the day-to-day management of their Facebook and Instagram profiles and executing strategic campaigns in three key regions: Spain, France, and Indonesia. Amazfit had previously experienced headaches when it came to coordinating their brand image and product campaigns across many regions with many different local agencies. This was about to change.  

Somos was brought in to simplify the brand’s social media operations and help their in-house team more effectively manage their many regional accounts in their respective local languages. In addition to the daily operation of Amazfit’s social media accounts, Somos’ diverse team was tasked with finding the perfect balance between crafting localized content for each region and consistently adhering to the global brand guidelines.

Before our onboarding, these regional accounts were all being managed by separate agencies in different countries, and diverged drastically in terms of product focus, messaging, brand identity usage and quality of work. By working closely with the Amazfit HQ team in Shenzhen, we quickly streamlined their social media management and content creation, bringing it closer to their business goals and expanding Amazfit’s digital marketing capabilities.  

What we did.

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Creatives
  • Photo & Video Content
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • KOL Recruiting&Management

The Results.

In order to alleviate the pains of coordinating acrossmultiple regional accounts, we created localized content that:

·       Upholds Amazfit brand standards

·       Effectively promotes new products

·       Truly resonates with unique audiences

Soon after taking the reins, Amazfit engagement rates rosean average of 23% across all channels! Amazfit has gained an astounding 64,000+ new followers and maintains over 14% engagement on Facebook.

Our Recipe for success



Content Planning & Execution

We first developed an overarching monthly strategy and content plan for use across all three regions, then prepared localized content for each region as needed. By developing our content plans to fit an overarching theme as well as each region's specific demographics and interests, we were able to ensure that the content was both standardized and localized.

Our Strategy Paid Off

After we took over the profiles, engagement rates increased by an average of 23% across regions in the first month. The pages have continued to thrive ever since, with continuously rising engagement rates and follower counts!



Catered Content

Our creative team and local community managers ensured localized content goes beyond simple translations, in order to truly resonate with the audiences in each region.

Streamlined Communication

As a bonus, the ability to communicate with our single team about multiple regions has helped to reduce the brand’s time spent on vendor management significantly - a major win-win!



Influencer Partnerships

Over the course of six months, we held product campaigns for five Amazfit products to help garner tons of attention for the brand. We established partnerships with KOLs in target regions who created 75 review videos that set a spotlight on Amazfit products.

KOL Content Results

The KOL partnerships we established for Amazfit in Germany, Indonesia, and Spain generated over 320k, 1.8 million, and 2.7 million YouTube views, respectively. Amazfit continues to see explosive growth in 2020, and Somos is thrilled to be part of this.

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